Sunday, October 23, 2011

Panel 99

(CUT TO: Shot 1 just as Craig has gotten finished entering "Palazzi Mobile" as camera slowly pulls back to Shot 2 and immediately pans slowly along street to reach the outside dining area of "Parigi's" in Shot 3, pausing at 1:21 of song on soundtrack before beginning to slowly zoom in at 1:23 of song, slowly dissolving to Panel 100 while reaching Shot 4 at 1:28 of song on soundtrack, which will act as the end of the song at this point with its drum here (as the song will be edited to conclude at 1:28 the same way the original song ends in its original complete version). [Credits will begin fading on to this moving panel at 1:15 of song on soundtrack, and will finally conclude with the words "A film by CRAIG CARRINGTON" fading on to screen after Shot 3 is reached and will fade out before dissolve to Panel 100 begins, completing the opening credits sequence.])

[SONG: "Kajagoogoo's Theme" by Kajagoogoo - 1:13 to 1:28]