Sunday, June 22, 2014

Panel 103

(Camera slightly pulls back to show a friendly WAITER having approached Indy's table. Indy's attitude is friendly, lighthearted, carefree and relaxed. The only noises in the background are the faint sounds of others passing by on the sidewalk and occasional cars swishing by.)

WAITER: "Still waiting, sir?"

INDY: "Yes, he should be here any minute now."

WAITER: "So you're entertaining today?"

INDY: "Why yes, as a matter of fact I am. I'm meeting a friend of my cousin's."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Panel 102

(Indy pops licorice ball into the air with his thumb, camera follows ball in its arc from Position "A" to Position "B" as we see our first glimpse of INDIANA GOOF while ball lands in his mouth)

Panel 101

(INDIANA GOOF's paw reaches in to pick up licorice ball)

Panel 100

(COMPLETE DISSOLVE TO: A string bag of "Negritas" brand Amazonian licorice sitting on a table top. All is quiet in the background except for distant basic noises of the city and ordinary restaurant commotion)

Panel 99

(CUT TO: Shot 1 just as Craig has gotten finished entering "Palazzi Mobile" as camera slowly pulls back to Shot 2 and immediately pans slowly along street to reach the outside dining area of "Parigi's" in Shot 3, pausing at 1:21 of song on soundtrack before beginning to slowly zoom in at 1:23 of song, slowly dissolving to Panel 100 while reaching Shot 4 at 1:28 of song on soundtrack, which will act as the end of the song at this point with its drum here (as the song will be edited to conclude at 1:28 the same way the original song ends in its original complete version). [Credits will begin fading on to this moving panel at 1:15 of song on soundtrack, and will finally conclude with the words "A film by CRAIG CARRINGTON" fading on to screen after Shot 3 is reached and will fade out before dissolve to Panel 100 begins, completing the opening credits sequence.])

[SONG: "Kajagoogoo's Theme" by Kajagoogoo - 1:13 to 1:28]

Panel 98

(CUT TO: Sideways pan starting at Point A [no pauses between cut from Panel 97] slowly panning left to represent the stores Craig is casually passing while walking along the street - pan stops at Point B upon the store called "Palazzi Mobile" at point 1:12 in song on the soundtrack and pauses there until point 1:13 - continuing credits fade on to moving screen from point 00:60 and fade off moving screen again at 1:11)

[SONG: "Kajagoogoo's Theme" by Kajagoogoo - 00:58 to 1:13]

Panel 97

(CUT TO: Craig walking along sidewalk past several buildings. Credits continue to appear here during song on soundtrack fading on to footage at 00:45 and fading off by 00:56)

[SONG: "Kajagoogoo's Theme" by Kajagoogoo - 00:43 - 00:58]