Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Panel 78

(CUT TO: Joey taking soda and candy to the register)

JOEY (continuing): "Don't wanna go meetin' just anybody."

Panel 77

(PAN SLIGHTLY LEFT as Joey reaches under counter for Craig's soda and candy)

JOEY: "So, where's it you said'jyour headin'?"

CRAIG (getting money out of his wallet): "Oh, I'm meeting up with a cousin of a close friend of mine. We're going on a trip."

JOEY: "Oh really? What's he like?"

CRAIG: "No idea, never met him before. But my friend says he's extremely trustworthy and great to be around."

JOEY: "Oh, that's good, then."

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Panel 76

(CUT TO: Craig walking up to counter while reaching into his left pocket -- the counter area is slightly raised by about a foot)

CRAIG: "By the way, I'd like to get a Coke and licorice, please."

JOEY: "No problem, comin' right up."

Panel 75

JOEY (thumbing to the right): "There's a phone shop just down the street in the direction you said you're heading."

CRAIG'S VOICE (off-camera): "Thanks. It'll come in handy for emergencies."

Panel 74

(CUT TO: Close-up of Joey)

CRAIG'S VOICE (off-screen): "Where can I get one?"

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Panel 73

(CUT TO: Craig standing at Kingdom Hearts cabinet game)

CRAIG (enthusiastically): "Yeah, I hear you got PORTABLE PHONES, too! Actually I guess I'm not too surprised about that, they seem to have been a cartoon staple forever now, but STILL, I mean, that is just SO COOL!"

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Panel 72

(PAN STOPS as we now see a friendly videogame clerk behind his store's counter. We can now tell that a live-action Craig is in a completely cartoon world and is currently in a videogame store somewhere in that world. The clerk is a kangaroo and speaks with a polite Australian accent, and his name tag identifies him as "Joey".)

JOEY: "Sounds like from your description that we tend to get certain technology a lot sooner than you do."

Panel 71

(PAN SLOWLY RIGHT as Craig wipes his eyes with his arm)

CRAIG: "Wow. I never thought a videogame could go so DEEP."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Panel 70

(CUT TO: Craig, moved by finale)

CRAIG: "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful."

CLERK'S VOICE (off-screen): "Pleased you like it. That's been the response of pretty much anyone who plays it."

Panel 69

(KINGDOM HEARTS logo flashes gently on to video screen as "Dearly Beloved" plays softly in background)

CRAIG'S VOICE (off screen): "And when did you say this would debut in my own world?"

CLERK'S VOICE (off screen): "Oh, approximately fifteen years or so."

Panel 68


CRAIG'S VOICE (off screen): "I LOVE it! It's GORGEOUS!"

Panel 67

(After scream echoes off into the distance, screen remains black and silent for approximately nine seconds)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Panel 66

(CUT TO: black screen) (Dr. Reinhold is heard letting go a loud, piercing, echoing scream at the top of his lungs)

Panel 65

(Dr. Reinhold's face stares in sheer terror at the camera)

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that all but the eyes are overshadowed -- eyes should appear almost blindingly bright against surrounding shadow]

Panel 64

(Dr. Reinhold shakily dares to look behind him)

Panel 63

(ZOOM IN SLOWLY on Dr. Reinhold's shaking back as growing shadow covers him completely)

DR. REINHOLD (seeing shadow -- voice quivering with fear): "... S-Sten... is that y-you.....? ..."

Panel 62

(CUT TO: Dr. Reinhold's shaking back as he continues to examine the wall and cloth)

(A huge shadow begins to slowly crawl menacingly up from the bottom of the screen, darkening everything it cloaks)

Panel 61

(CUT TO: Dr. Reinhold's hand has removed the piece of cloth -- Dr. Reinhold is examing it off-screen -- hand begins to tremble)

DR. REINHOLD'S VOICE (off-screen -- voice quivering in growing fear): "...Sten......?"

Panel 60

(CUT TO: Dr. Reinhold holding flashlight to camera (flashlight has been transferred to right paw) -- staring with growing discomfort)

DR. REINHOLD (still whispering to himself -- voice growing more and more nervous): ".....in SOLID MARBLE...... ?... ?..." (Continues examining scratches off-screen)

Panel 59

(ZOOM SLOWLY CLOSER as Dr. Reinhold's hand is seen examining the scratches near cloak piece)

DR. REINHOLD (whispering to himself -- bewildered and nervous): "Claw marks.....?"

Panel 58

(PAN QUICKLY LEFT TO corner of main hallway next to large marble pillar -- flashlight spot on enormous clawscratches cut several inches into corner of marble wall -- piece of Sten's cloak hangs from lowest scratch)

Panel 57

(Dr. Reinhold suddenly gasps as he looks startled for the first time)

Panel 56

(Dr. Reinhold shines flashlight to his right)

Panel 55

(CUT TO: Dr. Reinhold surrounded by shadows except for glow from his flashlight looking down at his floor-level flashlight spot)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Panel 54

(The small-by-comparison figure of Dr. Reinhold can be seen entering the shot from the bottom of the screen as he moves his flashlight from right to center, moving flashlight's spot from right to floor center as shown)

Panel 53

(CUT TO: Darkened, ruined main entrance of temple stretching off down a columned hallway to a large entrance area, a large doorway to a far off distant open area can just barely be seen. Spot of light from Dr. Reinhold's flashlight sweeps across view in an arch movement from left to right as shown, revealing sinister detailing)

Panel 52

(Dr. Reinhold's silhouette can be seen pulling out a flashlight -- flashlight is switched on pointing directly into the camera)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Panel 51

(Sliver of pale light as door opens [perspective is from inside closed door] and Dr. Reinhold's silhouette as he leans into the doorway from the outside)

Panel 50

(CUT TO: solid black screen)

Panel 49

DR. REINHOLD (as he begins calmly sliding right fingers into door handle -- over the wind): "Okay FINE, I'm COMIN' IN AFTER YOU, IF only to give you a piece of my mind, but after this EXPECT TO GETCH'YER PAY DOCKED!"

Panel 48

(Dr. Reinhold exasperatedly puts left paw over eyes)

DR. REINHOLD (to himself -- exhaling): "Oh, for cryin' out loud."

Panel 47

(Dr. Reinhold opens one eye at the door -- all is still silent except for wind)

Panel 46

(Stands with arms folded)

(All is silent except for wind)

Panel 45

DR. REINHOLD (turning): "Well it's NOT gonna work!"

Panel 44

DR. REINHOLD (folds arms disgustedly): "Oh, REAL mature there, Sten! Just go on and PLAY POSSUM trying to scare me into seeing it your way!"

Panel 43

DR. REINHOLD (suspiciously): "Sten?"

(All is still silent, wind continues)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Panel 42

DR. REINHOLD: "Ah, now that's better! MUCH better! See, that wasn't so hard after all, now was it? I knew you could do it, just took a little eye-opener, that's all. Now, ready to check out the place?"

(All is still and silent except for the wind)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Panel 41

(Sten's voice is suddenly cut off as door is suddenly still -- all is immediately silent)

(Dr. Reinhold looks particularly satisfied)

Panel 40

[NOTE: The Guide's name has now been established as "Sten".]

(Door begins rattling violently, then quaking as though being pounded from other side)

STEN (desperately shrieking): "DOCTOR, PLEASE!! LET ME OUT!! OPEN THE DOOR!!! AAUUGGHH!!!!!" (continues as Dr. Reinhold talks)

DR. REINHOLD: "Wrong answer, Sten! Now just GET A GRIP and GROW UP A BIT and we'll explore the place together!"

STEN (screaming): "PLEASE!!! LET ME OUT!! LET ME GO!!! LET ME---"

Panel 39

GUIDE'S VOICE (hysterical panic, muffled from behind door): "DR. REINHOLD!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? LET ME OUT!!!"

DR. REINHOLD (holding door shut, speaking cooly but loud enough to be heard): "NO FEAR, Sten, EVERYTHING'S UNDER CONTROL! I just decided you need a little dose of REALITY, that's all! Now you know I need someone along in case of emergencies and you're going to ACCOMPANY me! But first I'm holding this door shut until you COME TO YOUR SENSES and REALIZE how CHILDISH you're being! Now as soon as you calm down I'll JOIN you! TRUST me, you'll THANK me for this later!"

Panel 38

(CUT TO: Side view as Dr Reinhold quickly pulls the door shut with a heavy sort of slam)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Panel 37

(Guide is suddenly interrupted having the wind knocked out of him as without ANY warning Dr. Reinhold suddenly rushes up behind him and violently shoves him through the open doorway into darkness)

GUIDE: "---OOF!!!"

Panel 36

(Guide succeeds in opening door -- door opens about three feet inward into darkness with an ancient CREAK.)

GUIDE (frightened): "Alright. It's ope---"

Panel 35

(CUT TO: Guide working mechanism of door)

Panel 34

(Guide returns to desperately praying over the doors)

DR. REINHOLD (completely unimpressed): "Tch. SPARE me the dramatics and just open the dumb door."

Panel 33

(CUT TO: Side view of Guide at door with Dr. Reinhold waiting impatiently behind him)

GUIDE (Over the wind): "PLEASE, Dr. Reinhold! This is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS MATTER! I MUST be sure that I myself will NOT be affected from merely unsealing the door! YOU are CHOOSING to go in at risk to yourself, and that is your business, but I PERSONALLY want NOTHING to do with ANY of this!"

Panel 32

DR. REINHOLD (Incredulous): "Are you actually PRAYING to that thing before opening it???"

Panel 31

(Dr. Reinhold is stunned as though witnessing a lunatic as Guide can be seen putting his hands to the doors and lowering his head, face lowered from view, muttering in an unidentifiable foreign language)

Panel 30

(CUT TO: Shot from door's perspective -- Guide looking directly at door (camera) with Dr. Reinhold standing behind on same top step)

GUIDE (nervously): "I must take the proper precautions first."

Panel 29

(ZOOM SLOWLY CLOSER as Guide examines the door's ancient mechanism)

DR. REINHOLD: "You DID say before that you recall how the door's mechanism works?"

GUIDE (nervously): "Yes, but please do not rush me any faster than you already are."