Thursday, March 11, 2010

Panel 91

(Complete very slight, almost unnoticeable zoom in - Craig is now holding boom box in right hand and suitcase in his left, ready and anticipating whatever might happen next. The words "A DISNEY PARK film" will fade out of screen by the end of this shot)

[SONG: "Kajagoogoo's Theme" by Kajagoogoo - 00:12 to 00:13]


J,H,E, said...

So uh... yeah... so March 2010... That's a while ago... *taps foot*

Craig Carrington said...


WOW, you're fast! You beat me. ;)

LOL, I wasn't expecting anyone quite so soon. You see, I just got finished replacing all my faulty equipment from 2010 and just some time ago re-scanned in each and every one of these original 91 pictures due to my now also having a better-quality scanner (the originals just weren't anywhere near the quality I wanted them to be). I had posted my Youtube clip regarding the Indiana Goof/Pipps online game with my links on it (I'm trusting that's what led you here?) just this afternoon in preparation for my latest updates that I was planning to add tonight/tomorrow, but I didn't expect anyone to come calling just a few hours later, lol.

But you're actually right on time, since now that I've just gotten finished touching everything up and getting it all to the proper point to finally pick up adding where I left off. Great to have you aboard!